In The Spotlight: PrideBites CEO Steven Blustein

Since the foundation of PrideBites 5 years ago, the company has been expanding like crazy! I decided to ask our CEO Steven Blustein a few questions about the growth of PrideBites! Whether you’re interested in starting a small business or just love your PrideBites Products this interview is sure to give you some insight to our company.  

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Check out our favorite dog cartoons!

Over the years we have learned that dogs are silly animals. With the uprise of meme’s on social media we can put our own funny captions to a candid photo of our K-9 friends. But old fashion cartoons are still a classic way to make everyone giggle.


Here are some of our favorite cartoons! 

Everyone has had the unfortunate surprise of their dog eating the food left out on their counter. Whether it was a batch of cookies or a steak ready to go to the grill, it’s a rude awakening and time to call take out. Continue Reading


Customer Highlight: Bumble

PrideBites partnered with Bumble & Tito’s Handmade Vodka to co-host a party during South By Southwest this past March. The event drew in thousands of attendees who were excited to have some fun with other dog owners, and learn what our companies were each up to. Over the past two years Bumble has offered custom PrideBites products to their users including toys, collars, and leashes with their awesome branding.

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Summer Shopping Guide

Summer is in full swing and not only is it the best time of the year for humans, but it’s also the best time of the year for our K-9 friends! There are so many must have summer products, so we have made this guide to help you get the best summer items for your pup!

PrideBites Waterproof Collar

They don’t call it “doggy paddling” for no reason! Dog’s LOVE to swim and have fun in the water. Every dog has their own personal style. These waterproof collars are durable and incredibly comfortable. You can personalize the collar with your dog’s name and phone number. You’ll both love it!

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An Artist’s Tribute to the Dogs of 9/11

We are LOVING what this artist, Ron Burn, did and can’t help but share the word. Love these as much as we do? Check out the following:

  • Ron Burn’s Tribute Page Here
  • More About Each Dog Here