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By: Jake Slagel (TYB, The News for The Young Businessman)

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PrideBites CEO Steven Blustein

Steven Blustein is the CEO of PrideBites Pet Products, the only company that allows you to easily design, customize, and buy one-of-a-kind pet products. PrideBites is driven by a proprietary manufacturing platform for customizable short-run (e.g., 1 piece) production, and is supported by an outstanding manufacturing infrastructure. PrideBites has been the recipient of multiple best product of the year awards and is loved by dogs all over the world. Blustein graduated from the University of Kansas with his Masters in Tax, and was born and raised in Houston, TX.

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Shark Tank, Shop

Manufacturer Spotlight: PrideBites Personalized Dog Products

By: Rachel, @Mydoglikes (Original Link)

If you haven’t heard about PrideBites yet, you will be hearing of them soon! They will be appearing on the April 8th episode of ABC’s Shark Tank!

PrideBites is without a doubt one of the coolest pet companies around. We are a proud PrideBites Pawtner so we wanted to tell you a bit more about this company and their awesome personalized dog products… before they blow up!

We have also arranged an exclusive deal just for our readers! Save 20%! Use Code: MyDogLikes 

Who is PrideBites?

PrideBites is a manufacturer of dog toys, blankets, beds, coats, accessories and more.

But these aren’t just any dog products. Take a quick glance around their website and you will see immediately what sets them apart.


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How Stella Got Her Woof Back


It’s Friday and you know what that means… It’s steals and deals day!! Today I want to talk about an amazing company called PrideBites. PrideBites was started by one of my brother Ira’s really good friends from college. When I got my precious toy goldendoodle I knew that I didn’t want her to just have any bed but I wanted her to know it was hers. For all of you pet lovers out there, PrideBites’ toys are INDESTRUCTIBLE! You heard that right: their toys are indestructible! Even for the most unruly of pets, these toys survive. Every item on PrideBites’ website is also able to be customized. You can even upload an image of your pet to put onto the items you customize. I got my puppy, Stella, a custom crate bed, bed, toy box, and placemat to go under her bowls and blanket. She absolutely loves all of them!!  Yes I may have gone a little overboard, but when you see the stuff you would too. Stella knew exactly when I put her bed down that it was hers and fell asleep on it right away.  I didn’t order her a custom toy until recently because I wanted her to grow into her puppy face. I just recently placed my order for a custom Frisbee toy with her face on it and I can’t wait to see how it turns out☺. The best thing about PrideBites is that they have

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AUSTIN, TX (March 2016) – With the mission of supplying every dog lover with quality, one-of-akind products, the PrideBites team launched in 2014: the first website where anyone can easily personalize dog products with their pooches’ names and pictures.

The Austin-based startup, founded by Steven Blustein, Sean Knecht, Sam Lampe, and Ting Liu, in their college dorm room, will appear on ABC’s Shark Tank Friday, April 8th at 9pm-10pm ET/PT.

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The PrideBites Rules of the Dog House

Curious what drives PrideBites to constantly strive to improve the lives of dogs and pet parents everywhere?


We’re dog lovers, not dog likers. There’s no such thing as going too far for our pooches. We’ll never stop coming up with new products and designs.

Your pet, your choice. We give you all the tools you need to make truly original creations.

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We Review PrideBites Dog Toys

While no dog toy is indestructible, I am always on the lookout for durable squeaky toys to tantalize Ace and share with my Dogster readers. This week, Ace sank her teeth into a squeaky toy that looks and feels different from its competitors. PrideBites dog toys ($7.99 to $14.99) are made of lightweight foam and covered in a durable fleece material. They can fly through the air and float in water, and because they are machine washable they can be used outdoors and inside.

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This Toy Looks Just Like Your Dog

Since there still aren’t quite enough ways to show the world how much you love your dog, here’s another bone to throw on the pile — a tailor-made frisbee with your dog’s image and likeness. No joke. PrideBites is a custom dog toy company that allows you to submit your dog’s picture and then have it made into an adorable dog toy… that flies… that squeaks… and that has 55 pounds of pull pressure.

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Since you can only buy the custom toys online (you can buy their other toys at dog boutiques everywhere), PrideBites has filled their site with tons and tons of demo vids to let you analyze if,

“Yes, indeed. This toy with my dog’s face on it will make him very, very happy.”

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