15 Dogs Who Are Too Tuckered Out To Continue

All of these dogs are my spirit animal.

Have you ever have a LONG day at work….or just a long day??? Ever been just EXHAUSTED? These pups know exactly how you feel!

(1) My Hero!

(2) What is even going on here?!

(3) Bunk Bros

(4) Lazy Pup!

he went to sleep like this

(5) Sleepy Little Fluffball

(6) Rockabye doggie….

(7) I wonder if she ever dreams about eating her bed??

i wonder if he ever dreams about biting his bed

(8) Out cold!

(9) That CAN’T be comfortable….

cant imagine thats comfortable

(10) DONE!


(11) He’s trying SO hard!

(12) Through the fence…anddddd perfect!


(14) Just leave me here….

just leave me here

(15) Not sure if lazy or genius

By: Logan Rhoades/ Buzzfeed.com

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