Cooper’s Wish List!

Hi! My name is Cooper and I am a 7 year old Chocolate Lab livin’ the good life in Austin, Texas. I love spending time with my dad and I’m a very active dog. Let me tell you, living in Austin is the farthest thing from a ruff life!

I’m one lucky lab. Being that there are so many things that I love to do, I was hoping this list, *puppy eyes* will find its way into my Dad’s paws.

If I could have and do 8 things off the top of my very soft head this is what they would be!

1. To Make Varsity 

I’m an athlete. Like any athlete, I would love to have a varsity jacket of my own to really show off my athleticism.  As you can see, I am a BIG Kansas fan! If you are too – check this Varsity Jacket out, you’ll love it!

Get yours here!

2. A Trip to Zilker Park 

Photo Courtsey of Zilker Bark (@zilkerbark)

Dog Park – (By: Jaguar Rose)

The Dog Park is the place to be

For running around and being free

Rolling around in grass, sniffing butts

And chasing mutts

Big dog, little dog

And the occasional ball hogs

Tail wagging with glee

There is only one thing that spoil it for me

When you gotta pee

There is ALWAYS a line for the tree

3. A Hybrid Game of Fetch and Tug-of-War 

I love when Dad takes me to the Greenbelt and plays fetch with me. The way the water feels on my fur, there is no better feeling (Except tummy rubs)!  I retrieve whatever my dad throws in the water because i’m a good boy (just ask him)! I’d feel like the coolest pup at the Green Belt if my Dad got me this awesome toy to play fetch with! It even floats!

Get yours here!

4. A Doggy Paddle in Red Bud Isle Dog Park 

Like I previously barked, I love the water. I really want to go to Red Bud Isle Dog Park! My tail is already wagging just thinking about trying out a new water spot!

Photo courtesy of homestyleaustin.com

5. I love my PrideBite Paws Lite Bottle toy so much that I want to know what a real bar is all about! It would be so much fun to go to Yard Bar! My dad can enjoy a drink with his friends and I can have a Paws Lite with mine!


Photo courtesy of designtrait

6. My leash is a bit worn from all the walking that I do. Sometimes I even like to carry it in my mouth…. I would love a new leash of my very own for all the other dogs to admire as I pant down the Town Lake Trail. I’ll be the coolest dog on the trail with my custom leash!

Get yours here!

7. Game day is my FAVORITE day! I get countless tummy rubs everywhere I go. Once I get my Varsity Jacket I think it would be so much fun to lay out on the deck at Cain and Abel’s on the Lake and wag my tail as I cheer on my Jayhawks!

Photo Courtsey of Wilson Goldrick Realtors

8. At the end of my long, active day, one of my favorite things to do is lay on my bed. I like the bed that I have but it’s not the best! I dream of having a PrideBites bed! They look so comfy and plush and will fulfill all my lazy boy dog dreams.

Get yours here!

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