How Stella Got Her Woof Back


It’s Friday and you know what that means… It’s steals and deals day!! Today I want to talk about an amazing company called PrideBites. PrideBites was started by one of my brother Ira’s really good friends from college. When I got my precious toy goldendoodle I knew that I didn’t want her to just have any bed but I wanted her to know it was hers. For all of you pet lovers out there, PrideBites’ toys are INDESTRUCTIBLE! You heard that right: their toys are indestructible! Even for the most unruly of pets, these toys survive. Every item on PrideBites’ website is also able to be customized. You can even upload an image of your pet to put onto the items you customize. I got my puppy, Stella, a custom crate bed, bed, toy box, and placemat to go under her bowls and blanket. She absolutely loves all of them!!  Yes I may have gone a little overboard, but when you see the stuff you would too. Stella knew exactly when I put her bed down that it was hers and fell asleep on it right away.  I didn’t order her a custom toy until recently because I wanted her to grow into her puppy face. I just recently placed my order for a custom Frisbee toy with her face on it and I can’t wait to see how it turns out☺. The best thing about PrideBites is that they have

amazing customer service and did I mention that their items are so cute? They always give amazing coupon codes so if you spend $100 on their site at any time, you get $25 off your order with the promo code: 25NOW.  Tonight they are going on Shark Tank to try and see if the sharks bite to invest in their amazing company.If you love their toys get them now before they get backed up with orders!. I am not just saying all of this because my brother knows the owner, but I truly believe that their products are so unique and different, that everyone needs to go and check them out right now! You heard it hear first! Head on over to Pridebites.com and get all of your dog goodies<3 If you don’t already you all should follow my dog Stella on instagram @HowStellaGotHerWoofBack


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