Letter To My Younger Pup Self: Blakely the Husky

Welcome to the latest edition of Letter to my Younger Pup Self! As a puppy, wouldn’t you do just about anything to receive a letter from yourself as an older, most experienced dog with words of wisdom to share? Next Pawtner up is Blakely…and yes, this letter was written by Blakely herself 🙂


Dear Blakely,

Blakely here! I am very excited to have grown up to be a PrideBites Pawtner and be able to share some words of wisdom with you and a look into my everyday life! Let’s start with some advice for you and all of my pup doggy dogs! I am currently six months old and I attended Petsmart puppy school for training. They gave my mom a “training” clicker… it makes a loud noise for positive reinforcement training. My advice to you is that if you hear that clicker, GO, GO, GO. You don’t want to miss ANY treat opportunities, and that noise means a reward is waiting. My daily routine consists of four walks, daily. I wake up in the morning at 8 a.m. to go for a walk, eat, walk again, and then play in the backyard with my siblings Roxie and Shaggy. When mom arrives home from work, we go for another walk, eat, walk again, and then PLAY TIME. On the weekends, sometimes we go to the dog beach in South Florida. I look forward to new adventures every day, I’m hoping to start traveling soon! Follow Blakely’s escapades on Instagram @blakely_the_husky!

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