What Really Makes My Tail Wag

Welcome to the latest edition of What Really Makes my Tail Wag! We ask our Pawtners their absolute favorite things and guilty pleasures so you can get to know the real them! Next up is Shiner…and yes, this Top 10 list was created after an interview with Shiner himself.

Here Are The Top 10 Things That Whip My Tail Back and Forth

  1. Food, obviously!
  2. Running in the fields
  3. Playing tug of war with my PrideBites Mailman toy
  4. When Dad allows me to hop in his comfy bed
  5. Hanging out with my BFF, Lukas
  6. THE BEACH!!!
  7. Anything and everything covered in Peanut Butter
  8. Posing for selfies with Dad
  9. Facetiming with the Austin office dogs
  10. …more food


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