The 3 Newest Toy Designs at PrideBites!

PrideBites is kicking off summer with our 3 newest toys! Coffee, burgers, and tacos are all essential food items to get that summer body you have been looking for.

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1. Starpups Coffee Toy 

Due to the fact that our dogs lack energy said no dog owner ever, we felt is was important to get some of that energy out while playing fetch with our new Starpups Coffee toy! Ironic right? Here is what some of our Starpup drinkers and owners had to say about the toy! Get yours here!


@Lunatheportie Starpups Review: “Cup of Fun! My pup loves the new Starpups Coffee toy! She’s a Water Dog, so we especially love that it floats, as she often takes her fave toys into the ocean!”

Moses Grodin, aka my dog brother

MGrodin Starpups Review: Have to admit, I was skeptical about giving the toy to my two labs. They like to play tug of war and toys don’t last , in one piece, for 30 minutes. It’s been over a month and my PrideBites Starpup coffee toy is still intact! Very impressed with the quality and would order more for my labs! Nice work pride bites!


Maska_the_huskey StarPups Review: My two, four-legged kids are very obsessed with their new PrideBite toy, StarPups. It squeeks and is durable.Both our furry kids enjoy playing with this fun durable toy 😄❤🐾

2. Taco Dog Toy 

Who says Taco’s are just for Tuesdays? With the PrideBites Taco Toy, everyday is Taco Tuesday! Your pup will love this new toy so much it will be as if they can taste the ground meat. Here is what some of our taco eaters and owners had to say about the toy! Get yours here!


@Blakely_the_husky Taco Review: Blakely adores all of her PrideBites toys. The taco is great as it is durable and has the perfect amount of squeakies! Perfect for teething and keeping your dog entertained. P.s. she loves to play tug of war with it. Mommy/puppy approved!


@doxielvrx2 Taco Review: Great size and so cute!! The girls love their new taco toy! It’s a perfect size for them (all Dachshunds) but big enough for larger dogs too. Has a few squeakers which they love of course. It’s already survived a couple plays and is still holding together. Great quality as usual from Pridebites! 😄

3. Burger Toy 

Your dog is going to salivate over this burger! They won’t be able to keep it out of their mouth. Here is what some of our meat lovers and owners had to say about the toy! Get yours here!


@Siberianmischief Burger Review: Love At First Bite! My Siberian husky loves this new burger toy! Its durable & well made with TWO squeakers to keep her interested! I love that it is machine washable & she can play with it in her pool as well because it floats! Definitely a new favorite in our toy collection!


@Mykidhaspaws Burger Review: Yummy Hamburgers! Rooney loves PrideBites, mostly because they have squeakers! I love them because I can wash them in the washer to keep them clean!





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