This Toy Looks Just Like Your Dog

Since there still aren’t quite enough ways to show the world how much you love your dog, here’s another bone to throw on the pile — a tailor-made frisbee with your dog’s image and likeness. No joke. PrideBites is a custom dog toy company that allows you to submit your dog’s picture and then have it made into an adorable dog toy… that flies… that squeaks… and that has 55 pounds of pull pressure.

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Since you can only buy the custom toys online (you can buy their other toys at dog boutiques everywhere), PrideBites has filled their site with tons and tons of demo vids to let you analyze if,

“Yes, indeed. This toy with my dog’s face on it will make him very, very happy.”

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After you send PrideBites your favorite photo of your own Charlie, his portrait will be hand drawn by a team of artists before being stitched into a plush toy. And it will be delivered to your den three to four weeks later.

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Not only are you going to be giving your dog the coolest toy on the block and be the talk of the doggy park, but your dogs name will literally be written on that toy. So you can go ahead and forget engaging in any arguments over whose Chuckit is whose. And how much is this nifty gifty for your best friend going to set you back? A mere $25, and it’s totally going to beat the pants off of that dry $8 doggie cookie you were planning on getting your little ankle biter for his birthday.

BY Lex Monson ON APRIL 18, 2014

Source: http://www.brit.co/pridebites/

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